DIY ( Do It Yourself)/ Logistics

Business Gateway AG provides the opportunity to operate the data communication platform under the names given by the customers.

One of our logistics customers could achieve effects of customer loyalty in the logistics segment with the platform named DIY Bits. Furthermore, they could successfully create an innovative digital network of business processes between DIY Trade and Industry in the field of hardware store with the help of a service provider, Business Gateway. Business Gateway plays the role of a mere service provider here.

Our innovative digital communication platform enables the customers a fast, inexpensive and simple information transfer between suppliers and industry.

All business processes are transferred on the basis of the worldwide valid standards adhering to the guidelines of the international DIY trade.

(Do It Yourself)/Logistik

Efficient due to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – communication without any investment:

With DIY Bits one of our customers offers you the industry specific solution to the integration of business processes in the field of logistics: a maximally automated ASP- based communication. It enables uncomplicated, quick and reliable interchange of information between the business partners without a converter software.
DIY-Bits is a self-contained service which is independent of goods transport.
Above all order processing, order itself, availability of goods and invoice information are linked via the network in the field of hardware stores.

Products of DIY Bits:

There are two possibilities to use DIY Bits by the customers:

  • DIY Bits Classic (for the communication between Merchandise Planning and Control (MPC) systems) and
  • DIY BitsWeb ( in case you have no MPC system). Thus you can react rapidly to each request of your business partner concerning electronic data transfer.
DIY Bits – a solution with many advantages:
  • flexible integration of heterogeneous systems (all standards as well as proprietary formats (e.g. flat file) are supported)
  • simple and fast electronic connection of all intern and extern business processes with no media disruption. (There is no need in converter software. Your existing formats are processed.)
  • Integration and support of defined standards: EANCOM/EDIFACT, IDOC, XML, ANSII X. 12 etc.
  • Full cost transparency: billing is effected variably depending on the number of business transactions. No licence fee, no flat fee.