The Platform

The basic idea of the data communication platform
  • Efficient and inexpensive connection of business processes of your company, your customers, your suppliers and business partners.
  • Complete integration of your whole data communication.
  • Maximally automated communication and efficient handling of your business processes.
  • Create endless freedom of interaction – without any interference into the systems.
  • Absolute transparency: monitoring and documentation of running processes.

The digitalisation of business processes is one of the crucial success factors in the future market.

BUSINESS GATEWAY corresponds to the requirements of a modern competition, which is increasingly based on digital communication processes.

System requirements
  • No special hardware needed - an internet browser is enough.
  • BUSINESS GATEWAY can be deployed in the framework of any hardware and software structure.
  • Maximal scalability: limitless extension of electronic cooperation with your customers, suppliers and other partners no matter how big your company is and what kind of system configuration you have.

If the digital communication of the company has failed so far because of implementing inhomogeneous and correspondingly incompatible application systems. Now these obstacles are easily overcome with the help of BUSINESS GATEWAY.

The data formats
  • BUSINESS GATEWAY supports the data formats of all known Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and communication interfaces.
  • the data formats are an integral part of the data communication platform.
  • All open standards are available.
  • Complete integration of proprietary formats

The power of the platform is unique and it combines all “ State of the Art” adapters with full availability of components, communication standards and languages.

BUSINESS GATEWAY gives independence from any formats and protocols, that means that communication obstacles are avoided at this technical level too.
  • Electronic orders are not carried out only by the external systems, but at the same time you can also manage your warehouse and logistic processes, issue your invoices, acknowledge the receipt of orders, send an advise of dispatch, etc. without further manual operations. The data integration of all business processes provides considerably more rapid and economic workflow for you and your customers.
  • The order, the subsequent acknowledgement of the order, the advise of dispatch and the initiation of the entire logistic chain: you manage everything from your own PC via one single platform – no media disruption
  • Extension of communication possibilities for users of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Deploying BUSINESS GATEWAY you can easily and fully integrate also non-users of EDI, with whom you have conventionally communicated so far.

  • Integration of e-marketplaces. BUSINESS GATEWAY integrates both horizontal and vertical marketplaces via the multifunctional communication platform, no matter how complicated they are, and turns them into a part of business processes.

  • BUSINESS GATEWAY offers a complete integration of your supply chain including all business processes getting over the borders of heterogeneous systems. At the same time customer management systems, software “on demand”, handling of payments or tracking and tracing functions can be used depending on customer needs and operational exigencies. All these options provided by BUSINESS GATEWAY open up the opportunity to use the whole world of digital communication and e-commerce.

The basic structures of the e-commerce between companies are communities.

Their members are suppliers, customers and other business partners. All of them have different system requirements, applications and business principles, which have to be consolidated intelligently for a quick and smooth communication.

The integration of business processes is a critical factor of success because it demands maximally automated communication not only between the systems, but also within the business processes.

BUSINESS GATEWAY is based on this background. We have developed it for you to make your business processes systematically more efficient and to give you more leeway for very important strategic work.


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