The company

Business Gateway

Being an IT service provider, Business
Gateway connects business processes
of your business partners without any
investment risks.

We establish the data communication
between IT systems internally and

You achieve cost savings of up to 70%.


Years of experience:

Business Gateway AG has been established since 2000. It is a successful IT service provider specialising in data communication with its headquarters in Starnberg.
We are your first point of contact for providing data communication platforms in different sectors of industry.
So, for example, our company with its more than 700 outlets is among the market leaders in the fleet business of leasing corporations.

Wide spectrum:

The business field of our company includes the integration of the data communication between enterprises.
Business Gateway enables the electronic data transfer between the systems of companies, even without having to interfere into their computer systems.

Development, management and marketing of data communication platforms at home and abroad.
Focus on customers:

We offer you a tailor-made solution, it enables you to design and to automate communication with your suppliers, customers and business partners.


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